Psychostats not updating

If you feel I left something out or you could not understand part of this feel free to message me.If you can add to this or think there is a better way Please add to it or tell me what I did wrong. To get the serve page to work with the new steam update a guy on the psychostat forum figured out how to fixe the ...Look in \psychostats2.3.1\install folder for a file called sql_this is the folder that will create you tables and database structure. You can close out of that now we are finished there. If you’re not sure just log on with your ftp client go into the streamer folder and look to see what folders it created. This is all assuming you used my naming conventions. Next line to config is serverip it’s your ip address of the half-life server. Next is server name I hope I don’t have to explain this one. Scroll down to the themes section set the source to psweb then statsurl to /stats/ , If you did not use my naming convention then you would set it to the folder you created on your web server in place of stats j. To reset the time you just go into the same spot you set it the first time set the minutes to 0 the set the hours to every 6 hours or at a certain time at night.Just click on it and hopefully it gives you now errors if it did try again. Scroll down to the mysql section and enter in the username you create database name and password. If you did not understand any of this sorry maybe you are not ready to manually set up psycho stats. You need winrar winzip can cause some problems with or files. Some basic web programming knowledge or at least the ability to copy and paste Code. If this is your first attempt at anything web programming related or web design related you might want to try to make a basic page and learn some the basics first. First download both psychostreamer and pscyhostats, be sure to download the linux version of both as the servers are linux. I use Winrar because I have seen Win Zip screw up files, native UNIX compressed format. Lets go ahead and set up psycho streamer first so we can start getting some log files. First let’s use your ftp client and connect to your Half-life Server and download and You need a decent Text editor do not try to do any web editing with notepad textpad crimson editor are just a couple you want one that has syntax highlighting D.If your set on hlstats your going to have to get a virtual server or a dedicated server were you have ssh access.You could upload everything configure it but in the end it would need someone with shell to tell the webserver to run the script in the background.

Ok now you need to change the permissions on the file to 755. I use random password generators to create passwords with uppercase lowercase and numbers. You can give the data base what ever name you want and the user name what ever you however I will assume you named them pstats and stats. Now you should have a database that has a user with all privileges, look to the bottom of the page and you will see an icon that says “phpmyadmin” click on it and it will load a new page. To the left there is a selection bar select the database you just created cs XXXX_psstats or something similar. Most of it is self explanatory I will only go over what you need to do to get it to work. First line to edit is the logsource it should say logsource = /home/username/public_html/stats/streamer/data/x.xxxx/ c. Go inside the Web folder on your desktop that was extracted inside the psychostats folder. not they did not leave out CS : S you use cstrike too 5. Next the command to run is /usr/bin/perl /home/username/public_html/pyschostats/where username is your cpanel login below set it to run every hour every other min leave the rest alone then click save cron tab at the bottom.its not updating 24.7 but its basic and working psycho stats. I'll make sure I refer the newbies that are interested to this post. Installing Psychostats is a very common questions for perspective clients. I just thought some people that would like to know how I manually installed it.Personally to me having fragism collect my stats is like paying jiffy lube to change my oil, or a maid to take out my trash.In the public_html folder create a new folder called stats ; then go inside that folder and create another new folder called streamer, alternatively you can call the folders what every you want but from here on out I will assume you called them this. Go inside the public_html create a folder called psychostats. You do not need to enter in the stats url or anything IF You use my naming convention as it was the standard psychostats naming convention If you did not name the folder like i said then you will have to enter in the right locations. Re upload that file to ist proper place in the stats folder on your web site. Allmost we should have inside our public_html folder a stats folder with all the web content inside and the newly configured Every file that has on the end of it needs the permission changed to 755 or read everyone write owner execute everyone. Now when that is done go inside the stats folder and create a new folder called themes_compiled give it 777 permissions open it up to the world.

Upload all the data inside the psychostreamer folder you extracted, into your newly created folder called streamer. Go ahead and log into your web account Through Cpanel. Once you’re logged in click on the myslq icon, it’s on the third row and it says My Sql. You should see a button that says ADD DB, Enter in “psstats” for the name then click the button to add. Now lets add a user right below the add db you should see the spot to add a user. Now drag these folders in the folder you just created PS lang games. A psychostats folder with the file and the folders ps games and lang. that’s read everyone write everyone execute everyone. Last thing every thing is installed but how are we suppose to run script files without shell access. log into your Cpanel account and go to the section that says cronjobs then click on standard style 4.

If it was me i would install hlstats on the root of the server and then for everyone that wants just upload the php files and config it to listen for the new ip. But again this is up to clanserver and when your on a shared acount of any kind from any hosting provider you will allways be limited to what you can do.