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Attendance requirements, as well as the impact of attendance on grading, are determined by the faculty member and specified in the syllabus for each course.Unexcused absences may be reported to the appropriate academic dean.This will be done in accordance with established community procedures and after such consultation as may be necessary and possible under the circumstances existing at the time.The invoking of legal sanctions from outside the campus is a clear indication that the community has been unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion to its problems through normal channels and is to be used, therefore, only as a last resort.Those who use electronic mail (e-mail) and/or make information about themselves available on the Internet should be forewarned that the University cannot protect them from invasions of privacy and other possible dangers that could result from the individual's distribution of personal information.In the interest of promoting the free exchange of ideas, Fairfield University does not exercise prior review of electronic documents available on its network and accessible locally or through the Internet.Faculty should have an established procedure/guideline in place at the beginning of the semester (via the course syllabus) so the student understands fully what is expected with regard to class attendance and what to do in situations where the student is unable to attend class.

Administrative Policies All members of the community have the right to peaceful assembly where such gathering will not interfere with the legitimate educational or institutional process.

At Fairfield University, the student is responsible for effectively managing health issues, especially as they relate to classes (e.g., determining whether to attend class, to complete assignments, being present for quizzes, examinations, etc.).