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“Prior to the third trial date, there was a jury questionnaire which was drafted by the defense which referenced Mr.Mc Fadden’s prior offense, which both parties were comfortable with, given the court’s ruling that the facts of the prior offense were going to be admissible,” Rubinstein stated.Pennsylvania had automatically required registration for teens 14 and older found guilty of sex crimes as juveniles.They had to submit their address, place of employment, and school to police four times a year.

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The York County case before the Supreme Court involved seven males who had committed crimes as teens that ranged from aggravated indecent assault to involuntary deviant sexual intercourse.Mc Fadden was convicted in 2015, but his trial was delayed after his attorneys sought to include provisions in the juror questionnaire and the judge granted a continuance.Colorado’s appellate court ruled that the delay couldn’t be attributed to Mc Fadden, who won’t have to register as a sex offender because his convictions were vacated.The law requires states to update various parts of their sex offender laws - for instance, by adding juvenile registries - or risk losing federal funding.

(In Pennsylvania, that amounted to about $1 million of a $10 million annual Justice Department grant.) But in recent years, some states have reconsidered their registries or refused to create one.

But last week, the state Supreme Court struck down that requirement, ruling that the law unfairly treated the teens like adults.