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clearly, the opposite of the HD call you're after.There are a couple things you can do to make sure the bandwidth is available for the Skype call, some easy and some hard depending on the situation you're in.For the same reason, you will not see her crystal clear video until you have more bandwidth available.As you can see, getting better Skype call quality is definitely a two-way street.A slow internet connection will force the Skype call into a low-quality mode so that it will still try to work even when it can't use much bandwidth.

Consider this: your friend has an ultra fast network connection, a high-end phone with a great camera, and is calling you from her backyard with more than enough natural light.To make the highest quality video calls on Skype, consider purchasing an HD webcam.Note: Webcams used on a desktop or laptop computer require additional software called device drivers.You may have a great internet connection and superb hardware, but a dim environment can ruin your images and, ultimately, the entire call. The brighter your environment, the clearer your video will be.

Ducking out in the corner of the room at night will do very little to maximize all the bandwidth and HD awesomeness you have running through your camera.

What this means is that the video quality is clear, audio is in sync, and the whole experience makes it out as if you're sitting right in front of the other person.

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    You can change your video call options during the video call. To see your options, click the screen. Turn off camera or mute microphone Click the icons to turn off.…