Sexy dating truth or dare

Like for instance, if you want to know if he likes to look at other women…and which women he likes to look at – that’d be a bad question to ask him if it would make you upset to find out.Remember, this isn’t you trying to direct the most x rated movie you can think of – its’ about being honest, open, and You want to A) have fun with each other and B) learn more about what turns each other on (2).If you start off with the really nasty stuff, you’ll probably wind up turning each other off, or at least making things weird.If you really want to learn new things about your man –have fun while you’re doing it, there’s no better game to play with him than truth or dare.Unleash your inner bad girl and play some sexy truth or dare with him tonight. you’d probably wind up breaking up and never seeing each other again. Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Are You His Type” Quiz right now and find out whether you are his type…

Each wooden piece will get two end-caps and one question.The Mod Podge will dry clear leaving you with a beautiful game ready for play! You are all finished with the actual game making process now and ready to laugh uncontrollably with all of your favorite date night friends!!With your game ready to go, fill out the required info on the invitation and invite your BFFs over for a game that no one will forget anytime soon!! This Truth or Dare couples date night idea was a TOTAL blast!!

I mean we are talking laughing till your sides hurt, almost pee your pants, can’t stop smiling kind of fun!!

after you’ve both had a chance to have some drinks and get a little tipsy and loosened up.