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You may not be Formula One material, but a little friendly competition never hurt a relationship.Just don’t go bumping your beau off the track in your eagerness to win.Have a go at places like Lost SG, The Escape Artist, Xcape, Trapped, and Lockdown.Strap on for a thrilling ride and live your best Vin Diesel/Dominic Toretto life at go-kart arenas across the island.You’ll charm the socks right off your date with this quaint way of pretending to be tourists for a day. So avoid awkward date moments and get in on some side-splitting action at comedy shows around town, with stand-up comedians who’ll have you in stitches with risqué wisecracks and rib-tickling one-liners.From Comedy Masala and The Comedy Club Asia to Comedy At Canvas and Central Perk’s Chandler Comedy Night, you’ll be giggling and guffawing and rehashing all the jokes for the rest of the night.Those who can’t carry a proper tune can live vicariously through professional musicians serenading both of you (and everyone else in the crowd).For a casual night out, pop by Wala Wala, Crazy Elephant, Blu Jaz Café, or any of Timbre’s myriad outlets.

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We’ve got quite a few parks and nature reserves for couples who love luxuriating in the great outdoors, but none quite so breathtaking as the Tree Top Walk that places you on eye-level with the towering trees in Mac Ritchie Reservoir.To show off your collection of random facts and mostly useless tidbits of life, challenge your couple friends with a double (or triple) date for trivia night organized by groups like Singapore Quizmaster, Be Inquizitive, and SG Tipsy Trivia at pubs across town, including Molly Malone’s and Prince of Wales in Boat Quay.It’s fun and boisterous, and there’ll never be a dull moment because you’ll be too busy knocking back beers and recalling everything you ever read on Wikipedia.After all, memorable experiences are priceless, right?

Before you scroll through our list below for suggestions, consider surprising your other half with a non-mainstream fried chicken bouquet before your romantic night out.

Alternatively, there’s the scenic Woodlands Waterfront Park, with a 1.5km-long promenade and views of the Straits of Johor, or the Henderson Waves Bridge, an architectural structure with the honor of being the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore at 36m above ground.

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