Single mother and dating problem

Doctor: I just read the article "Read and Heed" on your website concerning dating a single mom.It seems to be saying dating a single mom is a terrible thing and men should keep away at all costs.I possess the fuzziest memories of my parents "togetherness" and am sure this contributed towards my shortcomings as a partner, amongst other things.I didn't lead by example, but used my instincts and sometimes survival tactics to guide my way through marriage...ineffectively.The thought of starting another relationship all over again wouldn't occur to me for a while.

Despite my ex-husband not being her natural father signed divorce papers would symbolize not just one, but three broken, if not failed relationships. And I assumed complete responsibility, for possibly dismaying my daughter by not setting an example of a functional, successful relationship; one that I rarely witnessed as a child.

I feel every woman needs at least 1 lover when not involved in a relationship. It is important to stay sexually healthy while sorting out Mr. By Fran Cess for Single Parent Single moms know this is a great way of meeting other singles who respect being a parent.