Sixy live

Halfway through the shoot, since many of the performers weren’t needed anymore that day, most of them were allowed to leave. By now the name had changed to “Our House Party” and a new logo was drawn.Later it was learned the audio guy had recorded over all the day’s previous material. Marcelo Ramallo, one of the cameramen hired to shoot the house party, became interested in joining Don with the adventure.Sexy, Silly Television actually evolved from a live Internet TV show broadcasting from studios in Calabasas, CA back in 1999.Given Don Daro’s pioneering background in radio, it was only natural for him to take the medium to the next level. That’s when you needed a T-1 connection to receive the broadcast.By August, Don took the show to his home in the San Fernando Valley and transformed it into a live dance program called Don Daro’s “House Party”. He assembled a DJ booth and built a dance floor in his living room. of 1999, twenty or so actors and actresses were hired for $15 a day. While the tunes played, the aspiring performers danced, played pool, pinball and slot machines to the joy of three roving cameras.

They’ll recognize the outline of the TV and ask you what the logo is all about. EVEN SEXY, SILLY TELEVISION HAD TO START SOMEWHERE This article contains nearly 1900 words, a few photos and two videos.In an attempt to reconstruct what was lost, a few males were solicited from food services to dance with the pretty girls. (Marcelo now wears several hats including that of Director, DP, Cameraman, Editor and Advisor).After months of linier (tape) editing, the pilot was assembled and reviewed, but Don kept thinking it needed comic relief. At Sixty Vines, we have the right pour for every palate.