Southern women dating northern guy

I know that like many men in the UK, we like our women curvy.Not stick thin, not obese, healthy, and preferably with an hourglass figure. If you want to get on with British men, you have to develop an extremely healthy dose of sarcasm. That would probably the first thing that'll put you on an equal footing. It's been my experience from being friends with many men, that they prefer women with extra meat on their bones. I've also been told men prefer natural breasts over fake ones.

8[y'd think, up north, "insulation" would not be an issue.I noticed that most women in NYC have flat chests (or fake breasts) and no ass.Are curvy women and fat women sort of lumped together into the same group up here?I like how easy going they are with their laughs and smiles. When you come down to it, they want the same basic things in a woman regardless if they are from Alabama or New York. My friend bragged this man was like no other man she had ever met before and she would brag how southern men were different. 3 years later the relationship is more abusive than any of her previous relationships.

There are some cultural differences but I think you will find good men and bad men anywhere. This man is far more controlling than anyone she had ever met.

But, healthy food is in a place like downtown NYC, and since you asked, yes, Southern cooking isn't really known as heart-happy, to put it nicely. Those purto rican girls, like to dress in a different fassion but thats why we have apples and oranges! I know a lot of older women get their faces pulled back really far and they can barely close their eyes.

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