Tokyo speed dating review

But conventional speed-dating can be intimidating for even ordinarily outgoing individuals, let alone otaku who might very well spend more of their free time watching fictional characters than interacting with other people.Add in the pressure of a ticking clock, and some might not feel confident in their ability to walk up to an attractive stranger, make a good impression, and then find out more about them.The organizers would also like to know whether you smoke, drink, or have been married before.And perhaps most important of all in some participants’ minds, you’re asked to list the titles of the anime, video games, or other otaku-oriented works that you’re a fan of.When registering, you’ll be asked to create a profile which will be visible by the other participants even before the party.

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That’s where Aeullura, a matchmaking company specializing in konkatsu (marriage-minded dating) events for otaku, comes in.A few of our previous events/parties include Mt Fuji climb , Riverboat cruises , Scavenger Hunts , BBQs, Picnics, Travel (day and vacation), live theater, art gallery exhibits, shooting ranges, skiing and haunted bus tours, Tokyo Sky tree walk. Salsa classes ,etc"Remember being bored means your boring"Join up meet new friends enjoy unique and fun activities TOKYO SINGLES has to offer Join Tokyo singles NOW Don't forget to R. It’s a little harder to see the benefit, though, in reminding participants that they can also use Aeullura’s online system to post reviews of people they’ve talked to during the event…while it’s still going on!

▼ The review screen Granted, the system only allows you to rate your impression of your fellow singles as “very good,” “pretty good,” or “normal,” but diplomatic choice of vocabulary aside, those still break down as rating someone as a 1, 2, or 3.

CALLING ALL TOKYO AREA SINGLES - Come go on a bunch of fun events with a group of like-minded people with other singles!!! Singles 20s to 38s Singles 25's to 40s Singles 40's, plus Some of us are recently divorced or fresh out of a relationship.