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The on-line re-certification session is intended only for those who have already completed the 3-hour in-person PGC training for adults and who have to be re-certified within 5 years.If there are technical questions about the registration process or the on-line re-certification module, or if you have difficulties accessing the on-line training, you are to contact: the VIRTUS Helpdesk number: 888-847-8870.Communication includes talking with your child, listening to your child, and learning all you can about your child’s world.Speak Up Talk with your child about “adult” material.If you cannot complete the training in one sitting, you can return to the session at another time and pick up where you left off.The on-line training can also be done on any mobile device / tablet; however, you will have to access a computer/printer in order to print out your certificate of completion.Learn Learn about things in your child’s world that a molester could use as access points.For example, most children are computer literate at an early age.

Children might blurt out language that indicates they know words that they should not know or use.Educate him or her about the fact that pornography is wrong and that our human sexuality is a precious gift from God that is to be cherished and valued — not put on display or cheapened in any way.Let your child know that “adult” material does damage to those who see it and to those who are lured into participating in it.Then, select “First time registrant” and proceed as prompted in the registration process.