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With a Nuked Berry, essentially the device turns on (red LED comes on for a few seconds), then you see the white screen with the hourglass of death, and then the display shuts off, the device shuts off, a few seconds go by and then it starts up and does the same thing again and again and again (it’ll do it for hours if you let it).Over the past year I have arrived at this Nuked Berry scenario a few different ways: from installing a Black Berry theme that wasn’t appropriate for my device/OS version; from installing beta software that was majorily glitchy; and one time during an OS upgrade the installation failed (I think I had too many apps installed and the device ran out of memory when trying to reload the backed-up apps).And while a “battery pull” works for solving most of little glitches that may occur when using your Black Berry from day to day, that’s not the case with a Nuked Black Berry.The GOOD NEWS is that this problem likely won't affect you unless you're out and about looking for trouble and you can always fix a Nuked Berry (at least from my experience! You just need to know a couple of little tricks and have 45 minutes of free time…With the example I’m going through today, I’m actually going to revert to a slightly older operating system.There was an OSv4.3.1 Beta for the Curve I got my hands on way back when.If anyone has any insight on how to fix this, I would be very appreciative. The App Loader will report that there are several components to be installed.

Also if like me you are in love with todomatrix and ideamatrix it will work, but you lose the full menu function.I just don't understand how to register on my device this new ALX download string that he references above Please help because I really need these other themes CI was able to get this installed no problem and am impressed with the speed and extra features. I'm a little weary with the upgrade as I've only had my phone sitting next to me for the last hour and it has dropped down to 85% battery life.I'm not sure if it drained a bunch due to the processor going through BES activation or if this is just a battery hog. If you have already installed OS 4.2 and want the additional themes in B3n_Asian_Freak's file (which you can get here), follow these instructions: (1) Extract Black to installation path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8700-v4.2.1.66_P2.3.0.59 (2) Open Desktop Manager. but we’ll be back in 2008 bigger and better than ever.

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  • Vowe dot net Upgrade your BlackBerry 8700 to OS 4.2.1 profil de paulette60


    Upgrade your BlackBerry 8700 to OS 4.2.1 by Volker Weber. Telefonica Venezuela is the first carrier to release the 4.2.1 firmware for the BlackBerry 8700 devices…