Updating linksys wireless firmware

It may take, it may not, and who wants to take a chance?Get everyone off the network and then do the upgrade.3) After successful firmware download, log on to router management page, click Administration tab and proceed to select Firmware Upgrade, do file browsing to select the downloaded firmware (the file name should end in .bin) and click Upgrade button to do firmware upgrade.Upgrading firmware may take a few minutes, so please don’t turn off or reset the wireless router.I have a master directory named 'Useful" and under it sub-directories for each device on my network.

After the reboot, you're likely going to need to restore all your settings.If everything has gone well, your wireless device will now be ready to go.Start bringing up the rest of your network to normal activity levels and make sure that the refurbished device is doing its normal work.For your next step, make sure you have all the necessary software to do the upgrade.