What the bible says about dating other races

It tells us plainly that “intermarrige is an abomination”. In Strong’s it lists on the second line describing abominations as being “mixed marriages” or “inter-racial marriage”.A free, online version of the dictionary is available here: https://This means these 28 states still had mixing as such a high crime that you could get 5-10 years in prison.This included the man, woman, and the minister who performed the marriage.So that is why YAHWEH’s word and law has really only been found in those nations over the last 2,000-3,000 years.) The rest of the world may never think about it, know about it, or understand it.Almost all types of mixture(or adulteration) is called an abomination in the Scripture, whether it’s mixing seed in your fields (even bees think that’s an abomination), or if it be to mix thread of your garment (many new flesh eating bacterias and viruses agree), or if it be to mix your cattle.

Once the people nationally exalt and worship this sin of mixing it may be they invite full desolation so that YAHWEH must return and judge us all.We must be careful to check what His word says, the God of Israel. Do not forget His words, “I am YAHWEH and I changeth not”.You can get many books on the topic that covers this in more detail.Racemixing is called Adultery, please check in any English dictionary the word “adulterate”, and “unadulterated” to confirm the meaning is to add mixture to what is pure.

The word of God says it’s an abomination, and scientifically speaking we only continue to see more and more examples of how in God’s Kingdom on earth there won’t be any more hybridization.

When the schools were first integrated in Little Rock Arkansas, they had to call in the army to lead the first black students to class.

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