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Her face frowns, she says no, she shakes her head, she shouts for him to stop. Extrapolating more from that however, is problematic: there are lots of very good actors - actors who are known to repeatedly play creeps and cretins - whose off-screen lives don't match up with their screen crimes." When it comes to Westwick, the dialogue gets a little messier. It begs the question: In a period where his real-life character is shrouded in a heap of ugly allegations, how much is the character of Chuck Bass like the man that is Ed Westwick?

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Harbouring fantasies about such men however, is a very different thing to actually want to make a life with him (or even share a bed with him)." But thing about Chuck Bass is that he was never really just a bad boy - though that's the lense so many chose to see him through. To see that behaviour for what it is early, and not in hindsight.Because when that happens, he'll never become our idol.And when he's never our idol, we don't have to make sense of fallen heroes when they're inevitably exposed as the fallible humans they always were., on "Gossip Girl." Years after the series ended, Ed Westwick is still popularly referenced by many as Chuck Bass, and it seems like he's making headlines once again with a new girlfriend.

According to Cosmopolitan, the "" actor and his new girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty, recently got matching tattoos, which most probably signifies that they are in for the long haul, right?

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