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Eve Torres: When I approached it, I did say in my head, “I don’t want to be just a WWE Diva, I want to be a Diva champion.” I’m not doing this just to do it, I’m doing it to be the best at it. I had no idea how far I would come and what I would learn, but at the time, in my head, I definitely told myself that I would be the women’s champion here and I will be at the top.With Leather: Why did the WWE discontinue the Diva Search after you won?

Can we expect to see more of the remaining Divas or is there some young talent that will be coming in?The life of a WWE Superstar is certainly a busy one.Vince Mc Mahon is notorious for keeping his talent on a very tight and full schedule throughout the year, with much of the roster working as much 300 days or more, between house shows, Raw, Smack Down Live and pay-per-views.On Mondays at 4 PM, half the time I have no idea what’s going on.

Right now, we have a great group of girls – hungry girls – who all want to contribute to the Diva division. Obviously, I’m delighted that I’m part of an interesting storyline, but whatever I can do to help this division and get it back on top is just something that I – and all of the other girls – am willing to do, whether that means helping new talent that comes up or re-polishing the talent that already exists on the roster.

To be honest, the thing that I really loved about the WWE is the work that it does with the community, whether through Make-a-Wish or visiting the troops overseas.