Who is g dragon dating

Hot on the heels of the Song-Song couple tying the knot, fans think that a new super couple has emerged - G-Dragon and ex After School member Jooyeon!All this speculation started last week when fans noticed that BIGBANG leader and Jooyeon testing out the new Korean mobile app "Kwai," and some snapped a few screen caps of the two messing around with a few filters.Well, there’s a second K-ent couple to start off the new year in 2018, or first if based on the timing of when this news hit vis-a-vis the other one.The news of Lee Joon and Jung So Min‘s dating captured my attention and I glanced over the other news of ‘s G-Dragon seen on a Jeju Island holiday vacation with Lee Joo Yeon.GD x Lee Joo Yeon ❤❤💔💔😁😂😁 #happynewyear pic.twitter.com/tk5g Hgax7i — HAPPY NEW YEAR BTS (@leannx04) January 1, 2018 ​Immediately after the release of the article, their agencies YG Entertaiment and Better ENT stated that they were “confirming facts” and an official response will be released after the agencies speak with their artists.

All things considered, they don't seem "just friends" anymore.Big Bang star G-Dragon is reportedly dating actress and singer Jooyeon.The couple were spotted on holiday together in Jeju island, despite the fact they arrived on separate planes perhaps in the hope of throwing fans off the scent.Apparently there has been rumors for months now of this pair being a couple due to similar Instagram posts so this dating news is very likely true with the added photos from their Jeju trip.