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but if you think it's hot in here, then you really gon' be fanning your butt in hell!" He would reference a "sin" and attach a Bible verse to it, while reminding the congregation that hell was much hotter.During the walk back from the altar, I made eye contact with a very attractive junior deacon and felt the wave of heat and excitement wash over me that always did when I saw an attractive male.I figured that the healing hadn't kicked in, and I managed not to feel guilty.You're a boy, you don't have no business kissing no boys!" That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks: I was about 13 years old, and I'd never done much sexually, but I knew something was different about me.In tears, he cried out to the congregation that "the children are being lost and failed by the people in their generation." This was in reference to singer B.Slade, formerly known as Tonex, a gospel singer, who had come out as gay.

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Elder Smith leaned forward over the congregation, tall and mighty from his pulpit, taking inventory of his exhausted but still very engaged congregation, as he bellowed, "I know it's hot in here, and the air would be fixed if more of the saints paid their tithes and offerings ...After sitting there and listening to him preach fire and damnation against folks for not only having sex before marriage but also being gay, seeing him stroll into Whitman-Walker Clinic (which caters primarily to LGBT people in the D. From that day on, I developed an awareness of not only church hypocrisy in general but the fact that you can't choose who you are attracted to, and that not all pastors practice what they preach despite encouraging their congregations to "give up ways of the flesh." Perhaps these are some of my biggest contentions with pastors like Bishop Eddie Long and gospel singer Donnie Mc Clurkin.Long, the pastor of Atlanta's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, was notorious for his homophobic sermons, where he stood in his pulpit and described gay sex as abominable and that men who used their penises to pleasure other men were violating God's laws.It bothers me that there are those who are fine with being LGBT and in relationships but still attend churches that bash gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people, staying because the music is good or they don't want to attend a "gay" or affirming church because it's too different.

That's like being in an abusive relationship where the motherfucker whoops your ass every week, but you stay because he makes good waffles and the sex is good. I took my three LGBT dollars out of the tithe basket and walked out of that church a long time ago.

Mc Clurkin, painting himself as the ex-gay poster child of the black church, issued a rebuke and called being gay a perversion of our youth and the church.

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